We are Above & Beyond Education.

The Above & Beyond Education is the first social enterprise of education centre on positive education in Hong Kong. Founded by a group of professional educators and psychologists, we create opportunities to kids by teaching them academic and life skills in one go.

Our Beliefs & Vision.

Learning is like tasting a scoop of ice cream. In their learnings, we wish our kids can feel truly happy and taste the sweetness of their flavours.

Our role is to create and enrich the love and happiness of our kids; and through them, we extend these positive energy to our entire community.

Our Principles.

Be competent. Be virtuous. Be happy.

Conventional Education focuses on accomplishment, creating stress and frustration for both students and their parents.

We borrow and localise the best practices of positive education from all around the world.

Positive Education builds both vocational achievements and enjoyments of well-being. We believe learning efficiency will be improved with a happier life 1.

What is Positive Education?

Positive Engagement

  • Let students drive their own learning process with instructors and parents serving as facilitator
  • Develop ability to learn independently
  • Explore and develop individual’s character strengths and respect their differences; foster “flow”, engagement and respect their differences

Positive Accomplishment

  • Foster hopeful thinking to achieve own goals using waypower and willpower
  • Foster ‘growth mindset’ and regard challenges, failures, and criticism as learning opportunities
  • Appreciate and praise for process not outcome or person

Positive Emotions

  • Foster gratitude, forgiveness, empathy and love
  • Develop positive attention

Positive Relationships

  • Focus positive communication
  • Develop trust and team relationships
  • Instill sense of independence, ownership and responsibility in students

Positive Health

  • focus and foster the development of students’ “realistic optimism” and mindful and healthy habits through strengthen-based education

Positive Purpose

  • foster virtues, healthy daily habits and meaningful values
  • develop role models for students through positive parenting and positive teaching workshops

1″Positive education” has adopted by an increasing number of elite schools across the globe, including  GEELONG GRAMMAR SCHOOL in Australia, HARROW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and CHINESE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. A lot of scientific researches proved that social emotion affects learning effectiveness, relationships, healthy, quality of life etc. “Positive education” is also found effective in improving the academic achievement and deviant behaviors. (Seligman, Ernst, Gillham, Reivich, & Linkins)