Education Model

Work Together

Students take ownership of the venue, community and environment. The Centre will be designed in collaboration with the students while utilising recycled items as much as possible. Unused or unwanted items will be collected for redistributing to the needy.

Our students will be encouraged in sharing the Centre’s work in exchange of FUN credits for redeeming more educational or vocational experiences.


Believe and Act

It is crucial for the parents to follow our education principles. In order to foster a positive learning environment at home, parents are encouraged to attend our training and workshops on positive parenting and effective communications.


Back Our Society

All profit will be used to support the kids with needs in free tuition. Collected surplus from all around the city will be contributed to the families with needs.


Distraction Free

While in the Centre, kids are not allowed to use electronics including mobile phones, tablets, and video games etc. (except required or approved by the duty instructor).